Favorite Aldi Finds: Running List

Are you in a grocery rut? Not sure what to add to your list to excite your food life? Time to spruce it up on the low-low. I visit my local Aldi at least twice a week. I browse all the aisles, track the deals, leaf through the ads- I am devout. Heck, I've even … Continue reading Favorite Aldi Finds: Running List


Best Souvenirs to Take Home from Anywhere

Tchotchkes pile up and become an obligation to collect. T-shirts are bulky and there becomes an irrational attachment to purging them from our drawers. The goal in finding the perfect souvenirs is to choose something lightweight, small, and mildly functional. Postcards Technically, I don't advise taking them home with you, but rather having them waiting … Continue reading Best Souvenirs to Take Home from Anywhere