Make Everyday a Staycation

Now that I am a working lady, time is my most precious resource. I can’t bounce from trip to trip like I used to. It is a sad cycle to find yourself getting through daily life, just trying to make it to your next vacation day. In the last two years, I have been very diligent about finding plenty of things at home that make my life happier and easier. I look forward to vacuuming?? And LAUNDRY? Who am I?

1.) Shark Cordless Vacuum
Vacuuming with a cord and a bag is a thing of the past. Gone are the days of whipping around, plugging, unplugging, and replugging a cord, then buying a new filter bag but whoops it was the wrong size and it made a huge mess when you took it off. In no world do you need to pay Dyson prices- this Shark Vac is what dreams are made of. Easy to maneuver, slim and sleek, and quick to dump the filter.

2.) Dyson Handheld Vacuum

Forget what I said about my shark vacuum, this is the time to pay Dyson prices. How do people survive without a handheld vac? I use this in my car, along my baseboards, between the stove grills- any hard to reach places. This vacuum is also cordless.

3.) Tyler Candle Glamorous Diva Detergent

I’m guessing this isn’t the “crunchiest” detergent option, but it’s the one that turns heads when someone walks by you in Target and gets whiff of this on your clothes. It is truly that amazing. It leaves towels and sheets smelling like a boutique hotel. I truly look forward to doing laundry with this detergent. Pro tip: a little goes a long way. Get some fragrance-free detergent and you can get by with only using a capful on small loads to stretch out your fancy detergent.


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