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Hey, travelers! I’m a Hoosier at heart, hence INDIANA Jane, but I recently finished graduate school at the University of South Florida. When I’m not hopping an airplane to somewhere exotic, I like to spend my free time with a pole in hand. I’m a current Miss America competitor, but don’t let that fool you. I can bait, fillet, and stomach more dirty than the average male. My blog highlights some of my greatest adventures in raw story-telling fashion. What started as a way for my family to keep up with me on trips, has turned into a fun, public ‘diary.’ I enjoy long walks on the beach in my Crocs and hope to meet John Cena one day. Follow Miss Indiana Jane for more wild excursions!

Reviews on Madeline:
“She wears Chanel makeup and chases chickens.” -M. Khasminksy
“Regular dumpster diver.” -Unknown
“Madeline, can you make a shark rig for me?” -R. Hagan

Ryan Hagen, Writer and Contributor

Ryan Bio

Hello, fellow adventures!  I’m a traveling vagabond living by a two word phrase: “why not?”  It’s what has always pushed me to find the weirdest situations and the best stories. I tried my hand at a 9-5 after graduating from USF, but it wasn’t long before I found myself atop Kilimanjaro, leading multi-day trekking through Iceland, hitchhiking Brazil, and vast adventures in between. While working in the outdoor and study abroad industries, I lived my passion: finding my limits and guiding others through challenge and support. Join us through our stories and find your own ways to reach the edge of your comfort zone.