I am the biggest Hoosier at heart. Nothing can fully pull me away from cornfields and Ranch dressing, but going school in Florida has opened up an opportunity for me to explore the Sunshine State. My new Florida friends are fairly impressed by my activeness in not wasting my time in the vacation hub of the Eastern United States. In just one year, I have travelled to Key West for vacation, Key Largo for sport fishing, Gainesville for the hurricane, alligators in the Everglades, become a Disney pass holder, conquered Universal Halloween Horror Nights- and I still have a year left! Just call me the Faux Floridian.

Tampa Holy Grail– Everything Tampa. From vacation to local life, I cover the real deal. One of my few and rare full guides. I only make these for cities I stay in 2+ weeks.

Party Boat Review– This is a running list of fishing party boats and my personal review on each one of them.

Mating in Red Tide– Nothing kills the fishing game quite like red tide. Oddly enough, it has little effect on the mating habits of horseshoe crabs!

Not So Yboring -Sometimes all you need is a little staycation. For me, that means driving 10 minutes to Ybor City. Check out this post to read more about visiting this quaint area.

Florida in the Wild -Florida is known for the plethora of gators running across golf courses, but how can you catch a glimpse of Florida’s wildlife?

Don’t Be a Broke Hoe -Saving money as a millennial can be hard in a world of momentary gratification. Use some of these tips to help save your dough for something meaningful!

Indy 500: Snakepit Style- I survived the Indianapolis 500 Snakepit. Here’s how.

Skyway Fishing- A seasonal review of the Sunshine Skyway fishing piers.

Tology of Science- After watching a Leah Remini documentary, I was curious to visit the city of Clearwater. Here is my outsider account of peeping around ScientoIogy.

Solo Mission: Disney- My single pass holder position means I can go to Disney whenever I want! This solo mission took me through Epcot.

Hoosier in a Hurricane– What are the chances that my first full month in Florida yields one of the worst hurricanes in years? Here’s my Dorothy moment.