Tampa: Holy Grail Guide

Moving to Tampa? Just looking for local secrets? I lived, worked, studied, and everything in between for two years in Tampa from 2017-2019. It is an incredible city to visit. Take it from my years of enjoying what central Florida has to offer- this list is the best of the best.

Top Hostels Around the World: Running List

If you are new to hostels, they can be frightening at first concept- shared rooms with a dozen or more strangers? Some would never dream of it. As a seasoned traveler, I can tell you hostels are absolutely the way to make friends, save significant money, and get better local advice. One day I will … Continue reading Top Hostels Around the World: Running List


I Walked to Brazil

It was seven blocks. I was in Leticia, Colombia for four days before I realized it was only a 10-minute, sweltering walk across the border to Tabatinga, Brasil. So, lunch time rolled around on my final day and we walked from rural, Amazonian Colombia to an authentic Brazilian steakhouse for lunch. As quickly as it … Continue reading I Walked to Brazil