Choosing European Airlines

The rumors will FLY about all the different airlines (I hate me.) It seems that cheap travel is too good to be true for many who go abroad for the first time. My motto is there are three things you don’t go cheap on in life: childcare, haircuts, and airfare- unless you are in Europe. I flew 28 times in 4 months with a huge variety of airlines. Overall, if a plane is approved to fly, I whole heartedly believe it is safer than a car. Here is my honest reflection:

  • Air France: As soon as I boarded this plane I was handed a little “Madeleine” cookie thing, so you already know it was destiny. Rumor has it there was free unlimited wine but I may have slept through this. They definitely serve lots of little snacks and sandwiches! Very hospitable. 
  • British Airways: These guys are SUPER strict about baggage limits- especially carry-on. They charged at least 10 of the girls in our program traveling from London an extra $60 to check their carry-on’s. So they try to make up for it with free unlimited wine- which isn’t a bad treat. But watch those carry-ons!!
  • EasyJet: Similar to Vueling (below). Honestly not a bad flight.
  • LOT (Polish)– My most expensive plane ride was $270 to Krakow, but we had snacks included and free checked bags! This country is definitely worth the pricier flight. We did transfer to a small plane with actual propellers! I can’t say I have ever done that before!
  • RyanAir: I’m confused as to why everyone hates RyanAir. I loved it. They are more guaranteed to leave on time and I think they are more professional. I also happened to get a front row seat so I was possibly spoiled. This airline caught the most flack when I was abroad, yet it was my best experience.
  • Vueling: Take at your own risk. The plane itself is fine- if it leaves the airport. Many people in our program were stranded for 10+ hours, to overnight. I even witnessed people sitting in the airport in Barcelona with airport overnight baggies because their flights had been cancelled. If you are on a serious time constraint, maybe choose a different airline. Our program leaders actually used this airline for our group travel, so they must feel it is a popular, safe option! There are many flight options and I booked round trip airfare to Switzerland for $72 total!
  • Wizz: This plane looks fit for gay pride- hot pink and purple, very bright and colorful! It honestly looked more like a porn site advertisement than a commercial flight. I thought it looked too wild to be safe but it was just fine!

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