Big Girl Pants

Has anyone ever said “Wow, I really enjoyed paying a big fat bill at the bursar office today!”?

Yes. Yes, someone has.

I am that someone. I am that ONLY someone. Hold up. DJ-SPIN THAT ISH BACK.

Before Christmas break, Dr. Phillips of the Ball State University Anthropology department sent the mass call-out email for students who might be interested in doing an India summer field study. While I have the rapid delete thumb of my grandma and a bingo marker, this headline provoked me to scroll through the email. Did I look out of rebellion because the idea of visiting India makes my dad’s face pucker like the neighbor’s dog just pooped on the lawn? Did I look because I secretly picture myself riding an elephant down the aisle? Nevertheless, I looked, and I liked.

Also, rumor has it that the Taj Mahal is on its last leg. One article from 2011 said it only had 5 years left.. so do a little math… 2017… THIS IS 6 YEARS LATER! A full year past the end of times for the Taj! Waiting any longer to visit one of the seven wonders of the world  was not a risk I was willing to take.

So on December 15th, I over zealously replied to the email, trying to convince Dr. Phillips that even though I am not an anthropology major, “I love to travel and I love school!” Just like that, I was in. I had made my first big girl decision.

No parental guidance.

With my heart pounding out of my chest, I wrote a large number in my flower checkbook and walked into the bursar office like the grown woman I was. There was no going back. If I handed over that $500, I was going to India. Three weeks in India. My last three credits to graduate from college. I had done no research, met nobody going on the trip (including the professor), and was banking on some scholarship money to come through for me.

And my parents have no idea. When do I plan on notifying them? On July 22nd, while packing to leave the next day. Or maybe never? Is this that scandalous phase I never went through? Am I lashing out because I am in graduation denial? Or because I miss my study abroad friends?

I think sometimes we do things just because we can.



Words of Wisdom: What yo mama don’t know, could definitely still be a terrible idea.



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